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Why Ecodrip? A new standard in Irrigation

Ecodrip has been developed by one of the world's largest drip manufacturers and a UK based company that has been in the professional irrigation sector for many years. The Ecodrip is a state of the art drip irrigation system that is to provide a most accurate and reliable irrigation solution for the professional and domestic sector as one. It has many advantages, from the environmental aspect to the immediate benefits for the gardener / installer.

Here are some of the main reasons to switch to Ecodrip solutions:

  • Save Water - Save almost 90% more water than competitor irrigation technology
  • Durable - Solid plasic prevents cuts and weather damage! Long life - Tested in the hot test weather conditions in Africa and laborotory conditions up to -20°
  • Protecting the enviroment - Long life span and UV resistance provides many years of usage!
  • Prevent contamination - Ecodrip Anti Siphon prevents contimanation of drinking water
  • Preserve Water - prevents wasted and excess water inside pipe for next watering cycle
  • Slopes - Ecodrip ensures the water penetrates the soil very slowly and prevents water from running on the slope
  • Enviromental protection - Ecodrip is protected by the elements and cannot be pen etrated by roots or plants.


The technology behind the Ecodrip has been tried and tested for a number of decades through the harshest weather and field conditions to accommodate the strict demands of the agricultural industry, that are subjected to regular water budget and conservation.

Why is Ecodrip good for the enviroment?

The environmental benefits form a core part of the Ecodrip, which has a unique patented non leakage mechanism facility that prevents any loss of water at the end of the watering cycle, shorter water filling time, and transportation saving of more that 50% compared to 16mm dripline / porous pipe. The 12mm Ecodrip uses 50% less plastic in manufacturing compared to 16mm dripline pipes. The non leakage facility makes the Ecodrip an ideal solution for irrigating uneven surfaces as it will not flood the low areas at the end of the watering cycles.

Is Ecodrip durable?

The Ecodrip's unique root barriers, built in dripper filter, anti siphon mechanism, UV resistance and a self cleaning mechanism make it an excellent product for almost any irrigation application, including recycled water and roof gardens.

Can Ecodrip prevent water waste?

A slow release of water @ 1.15 & 1.7litres per hour makes it ideal for slopes and windy areas, as the slow release of water will penetrate the soil slowly and avoid waste. The non leakage mechanism prevents drainage of the pipes at the end of the watering cycle, preventing water waste and local flooding at the lowest areas.

Ecodrip Specifications

  • Flow rate: 1.15 l/h. (12mm Ecodrip) 1.17 l/h (16mm Ecodrip)
  • Operating pressure range: 0.3 - 3.5 bar.
  • No drain sealing: 0.15 bar.
  • Pipe diameter: 12mm(inside diameter: 10.4mm) & 16mm(inside diameter: 15.3mm).
  • Manufactured from superior durable plastic for long life, protected against UV, degradation and resistant to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in agriculture.
  • Complies with emission uniformity category class A. (ISO 9261)
  • Material: Tubing: Linear LDPE, dripper: PE, diaphragm: Silicone.

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