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16mm Ecodrip is a dripline containing flow-regulating cylindrical drippers.

The Ecodrip has a sensitive floating diaphragm which regulates and maintains a constant flow rate at variable inlet pressures. In addition to the flow regulation, Ecodrip also has a no-drain feature. The water stops flowing through the emitters when the pressure drops to 1.45 PSI. The no-drain feature protects driplines from sucking in small soil particles at system shut down. And with two outlets per dripper, Ecodrip will continue to deliver the right amount water, throughout the entire zone.


  • Constant Inside Diameter (I.D.) regardless of dripline wall thickness
  • .603 (16mm) - I.D. .543"
  • Wall thickness: .45 mm
  • Flow rates: .1.75 litres/hour per dripper
  • Sealing pressure: 1.7 PSI
  • Operating pressure range: 12 PSI - 50 PSI (Max. recommended operation pressure according to wall thickness: 35 mil - 43.5 PSI; 45-47 mil - 50 PSI)


The Ecodrip is the ideal choice for subsurface drip irrigation systems, with high clogging resistance due to the design and size of the emitter channel. And with the self-cleaning mechanism, the dripper continuously flushes the inlet filter in the dripline.

The Ecodrip is constructed with premium resins resistant to UV degradation and damage caused from commonly used chemicals and fertilizers.

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