Get Started - Your guide to irrigation

  • The 12mm Pressure compensated no drain dripppers are the sole 12 mm integral driplines with quality flow-regulated no-drain emitters available on the market today (2007).
  • This unique drip irrigation line helps reducing costs while providing more efficient water use.
  • Available in black, white, brown or any other color for bulk orders.
  • Emitters spacing: 15 , 20, 30, 40 , 50 , 60, 75, 80, 100 cm (at 15 cm only 1 outlet hole).
  • The best priced flow-regulated dripline.
  • The smaller diameter and the longer 600m reel allow simple and efficient layout and retrieval. (600m reels are available to order in bulk)
  • Transportation savings of more than 50% - Compared to 16 mm driplines, you can double the dripline quantity loaded into the container.
  • Highly durable dripline due to its smaller diameter - Improved resistance to physical damage.
  • Shorter water filling time and less drainage water -Improves irrigation uniformity.
  • Resistant to clogging - The inlet filter positioned close to the dripline center improves the flushing.
  • Two water outlets for application above and below ground.
  • The cost effective solution for orchards and vegetables in open fields, where row length is up to 130m.
  • Most suitable driplines for irrigation in tunnels.
  • For pulse irrigation in greenhouses where water is applied in short intervals during the day.
  • The 12 mm Ecodrip has the smallest diameter and the lowest profile. This makes it the best solution for curved, angular or narrow planting areas with turf, shrubs & trees.
  • The 12 mm Ecodrip driplines improve the efficiency of irrigation and fertilizer application while saving money and time.

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