Get Started - Your guide to irrigation

Ecodrip irrigation products are designed for irrigating landscape borders, and areas where water splashes could be a problem, like car parks, play grounds or near glass & windows. Once ground cover plants are established, the driplines become camouflaged, even if they are not mulched over.

Ecodrip irrigation is ideal for all landscape, agricultural and commercial applications, due to its unique qualities.Superior water distribution Unlike the traditional rubber porous pipe that delivers unregulated water, Ecodrip has built in drippers at 30cm spacing that distribute 1.15 litres per hour per drip. Each dripper point has two holes to ensure that one is always positioned away from the soil. The slow release of water prevents any run off of water, ensures steady penetration into the ground, discourages weeds from growing and discourages slug movement. Plant roots make their way to the damp areas that are created by the Ecodrip naturally. Please click on one of our irrigation solutions to find the best irrigation products to match your irrigation needs or go to the irrigation products section to view our catalogue. If you require expert advice or customised irrigation please go the custom irrigation page.

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