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Ecodrip is not a leaking or porous pipe - It is an innovative and far superior dripline.

Ecodrip is designed for irrigating landscape borders, and as a sub surface irrigation. Ecodrip is a state of the art drip irrigation product that follows years of research within the sector. Here are the key benefits of Ecodrip:

  • Pressure compensated and regulated
  • Self cleaning of blockages
  • Anti siphon
  • Non drip
  • Ability to operate from a very low pressure
  • Each drip has a root prevention mechanism
  • Manufactured from superior durable materials
  • Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers


All our 16mm and 20mm blind pipes are now made from 50% recycled plastic. These pipes are black with distinctive grey lines. See technical specs.

Felco 5

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